Eco-Friendly Timber Construction Solutions

We offer sustainable & energy-efficient building solutions for living and working spaces. Our prefabricated ‘Glulam’ timber structures meet high-quality standards and exceed customer expectations.

Sustainable Timber Construction

iDomus Construction offers sustainable building solutions using GLULAM timber, wood fibre, and timber cladding. Mass timber constructions (glulam) is a construction system made of combined mass timber panels and glulam beams. This mass timber construction system is based on parallel lamination (PLT) with a rebate on both sides of the panels for easy connection in vertical applications. Mass timber panels are used in conjunction with glulam beams for wall plates and top beams, which act as ring beams and opening lintels. All construction elements are prefabricated in the factory using precise drawings and then delivered on-site for assembly.

Mass Timber Construction
Sustainable housing with GLULAM wood.
Timber Cladding
Charred wood for almost every accent of a house.

Why Choose Our System

iDomus offers a Real Ecological Homes Package – Wood Only, with a structure made of solid timber panels, external wood fibre, and timber cladding. This construction method is entirely sustainable, reusable, ecological, carbon-neutral, and, most importantly, creates a healthy building environment. This building system is ideal for those who prioritise eco-friendly and sustainable living.

CO2 Locked in our timber

Environmentally Friendly

Wood is a natural, sustainable building material that stores CO2, helping to reduce the carbon footprint. The prefabrication system minimises waste during construction. Glulam, made from natural resins, is a highly ecological product, contributing to a greener planet.


Mass timber has antistatic properties that reduce electromagnetic waves, promoting a healthier living environment. Natural wood walls and ceilings allow the house to ‘breathe,’ providing a more comfortable atmosphere. This is especially beneficial for people with allergies, respiratory issues, or skin problems.

Building Physics

Glulam is lightweight yet strong, offering the strength of steel without its weight. The absence of cold bridges and construction moisture contributes to better insulation. Additionally, there’s no need for chemical treatments, ensuring a cleaner environment.


The HBE glulam system offers a fast-track construction method, 10-15 times faster than traditional methods. This system is also 20% cheaper than traditional timber frame structures and 40% cheaper than the CLT system, making it a cost-effective choice.

Fire Resistant

Solid mass timber walls and ceilings have self-extinguishing properties, making them fire-resistant. They can withstand high temperatures for longer without collapsing, unlike steel structures.

Fully Reusable

Mass timber buildings can be dismantled at the end of their lifecycle and fully reused, contributing to a circular economy. This reduces construction pollution and ensures a more sustainable approach to building design.

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About Us

Dainius founded his first construction company in 2009 and gained valuable experience working on various projects. He travelled to Germany in 2014 for training and learned new construction methods. In 2017, he met an eco-friendly construction developer in Munich, and his projects took off after participating in a construction exhibition in Ireland. Dainius has been a key player in the Irish construction industry for over 10 years and specialises in mass timber development.

Sustainable Building For Architects & Builders

We specialise in Engineered Timber Construction. Our team is committed to providing technical information, collaborating with you on your projects, and participating in continuing professional development (CPD) and exhibitions to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the industry.