About Our Timber Construction Solutions

iDomus Construction is a family-run business with a passion for sustainable, energy-efficient buildings for both the living and working environment. Based on Central European experience, iDomus’ turn-key solutions – utilising prefabricated ‘Glulam’ timber structures, meet the highest quality standards, reduce build timescales, and exceed customer expectations.

How It All Began

Our story began in Ireland in 2009 when our founder, Dainius, registered his first construction company. For several years, he focused on traditional construction, completing various projects with success. However, the desire to improve and discover new methods led him to Germany in 2014 for an internship, where he learned about ecological construction. This experience transformed his vision for sustainable building.

In 2017, Dainius met a developer of ecological construction at one of the world’s largest construction fairs in Munich. This meeting inspired him to bring these eco-friendly practices back to Ireland. Upon returning, he participated in a construction exhibition, showcasing his newfound knowledge. This event marked the start of our sustainable construction experience, leading to our first projects, which continue to this day.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At iDomus, we believe in creating a healthy and sustainable building environment. Our unique Mass timber constructions (glulam) construction system uses mass timber panels and glulam beams, with all elements prefabricated in our factory. This approach minimises waste and reduces the carbon footprint. We also use wood fibre and timber cladding to ensure our buildings are not only eco-friendly but also visually appealing.

Browse our Mass Timber Building Projects

​​Browse our past projects and discover our range of timber construction services. Our insulation services enhance energy efficiency and comfort, while our timber options offer unique and durable solutions for exteriors, saunas, and structural support.